The Forest Path ~ a sanctuary

I wrote this as an assignment for the Project Sanctuary Masters Course. I was to create a habitat, a dwelling, map it, furnish it and live there for two weeks. The way these things unfold on their own (and are extremely pleasurable!) makes it feel like someone else is doing my homework for me.. 🙂

I am in a forest, with tall trees all around. The trees have pale green leaves and light brown trunks and branches. Rays of sunshine are coming through. It feels like Spring, mid-morning. I can’t see too far beyond where I’m standing right now as the forest is thick with tall leafy trees and shrubs and grasses.

It’s relaxing and soothing here. I’m enjoying this space. It’s sunny but breezy, with subtle noises as the leaves are rustling and moving in the wind and the grasses moving gently. It is fairly cool here. The ground is firm. It’s a dirt path that is uneven and worn. People have walked this way before and their feet have left this path. I notice my own feet are bare.

I take a deep breath and notice that the air smells and feels fresh and clean. To my right I hear a faint sound of trickling water and am drawn to walk that way to investigate, suspecting that it might be even more relaxing there. I move off the path and push through bushes and past trees. At my feet I can see a shallow stream with water bubbling over stones and pebbles. Looking ahead I can see it leads onward. I wonder what it becomes. But my eye is caught by something else.

Across the stream, in a clearing, I can see a wood cabin. I cross the stream to this cabin, pushing through more tall grass as I go. It’s soft on my skin, like tiny brushes.

The cabin is in front of me and there is a door on the side I am facing. The cabin has a pitched roof and I can see a chimney above and to the rear of the building with smoke coming from it. I walk to the door and try to open it. It’s locked, but in the process of trying to open it a key on a long necklace I’m wearing slips forward, getting my attention. I use this key and unlock the door and go inside the cabin, closing the door behind me.

The cabin seems to be one large rectangular space without any rooms. Up against the back wall of the cabin is the fireplace. It’s warm and inviting. Close to the fireplace but on the right side of it is a couch. It’s firmly padded, a red and gold flecked felt material. It has ornate legs painted gold. It looks wide enough for me to lay down on. I approach it and take a seat and realise that it’s much softer than it looks. There is a tall book shelf against the wall full of books. I don’t notice any of the titles at the moment, but I feel drawn to investigate soon. A green book on one of the upper shelves is pulling my attention.

Instead of continuing to investigate the cabin I give the book shelf and the green book my attention. It is an older book and it has gold writing on the spine and on the cover. The book is called The Truth and has my name as the author. Interesting! I decide to carry this with me and keep looking around.

On the other side of the fire place is a small dining table with two chairs. It’s a circular table. On the table is a lace cloth, a white vase with a single white daisy in it.

Up against the back wall near the table is shelving with cups hanging from hooks and plates and bowls slotted upright. Some pots and pans are hanging from larger hooks. There is a very small sink and a stovetop and bench here with some cupboards underneath. I have a look in a few of the cupboards and it looks to be canned and dry goods. Food that won’t go off in a hurry.

Behind me looking back to the door, on the left hand side, same side of the cabin as the couch, is a wooden single bed. It has white linen with some lace detail and small roses embroidered on it. It has plump pillows (I see at least two) with the same linen covering them and the bedcovers also look very plump and cosy. I am tempted to have a sleep here. There is a little circular rug at the side of the bed of red, green and white. I put my book down on a wooden stool that is sitting next to the bed, wipe my feet and hop in under the covers and lay down to dream and sleep. I notice above me is a hanging from the ceiling with crystals, feathers and little stone birds. This is moving gently in whatever air movement is in the room and I watch it until I fall asleep.

I wake up to the sun shining through one of the windows onto my face. I can see out a window on the same wall from my bed. A brown deer catches my eye. It looks up to me suddenly, standing very still, then darts away.

I hop out of bed and pull the covers back up and make the bed. On the opposite side of the room is a beautiful claw-footed bath. White porcelain tub with gold fixtures and feet. I start filling it up and notice a shelved area with essential oils and small glass bottles of things. I pick up a pink coloured one and it says Soothing Bath. I tip some of this under the running water and for a moment I see glittering pink sparkles but then the water turns a pale shade of pink and bubbles start being created.

I put the bottle back on the shelf and notice a mirror and razor and nail brush and hair brush, all very rustic looking. Some towels and face washers are there too. Near the wooden brushes with natural bristles. On the other side of the bath, where I almost didn’t see it, is a toilet. I am grateful for this!

I take my clothes off and step into the bath. Turning the water off when it is full enough. The water is so warm and soothing (the bottle was right!). I feel weightless and dreamy and relaxed. I lay my head back on the bath edge and I can hear my breathing, the sound of birds outside, the crackle of the fire – and not much else.

I decide to have a look in the green book I had found earlier but can’t quite reach it from the bath. Since I am in Sanctuary, I use telekinesis and the book lifts off the stool and floats through the air before I hold it in my grasp and open it to read.

The Truth. Page 1: “Deep down within your spirit and underneath your cloak of fear is the truth of who you are and what you bring to this time. Will you boldly shift this fear and inhabit your truth? Or will it stay hidden and unseen?”

I turn the page, and a few more pages and they all seem to be blank. I put the book down and step out of the bath and use the large cotton towel that was on the bench to dry myself. I get dressed again and lay down on the couch and watch the fire.

Two weeks later:

So I’ve been here for two weeks now. I feel so at peace here. Life is simple and there are no pressures or stress. I make myself tea, I read books, I make sure the fire has wood (there is a woodpile at the back of the cabin), and I sleep in this beautiful bed and relax in this beautiful bath. Life is sweet.

It’s a little lonely though. I haven’t spoken with another person for two weeks and I feel quite isolated even though I’m relaxed. I am wanting someone or several someones to talk, to interact, to share a joke, to care for, to hug, to share the fireplace with and make tea for and go for walks with.

I am loving the stream and have walked alongside it as much as I was able to where the vegetation wasn’t so thick. It lead to a great waterfall which flowed down into a lagoon. I haven’t worked out how to get down there yet, aside from jumping down, and haven’t taken that leap yet.

I see (and hear) owls and birds and other animals. I’m not afraid of anything out here. Some of the ‘bumps in the night’ are actually quite comforting. Letting me know that I’m not alone.

One morning this week I was laying in bed and saw out my window a brown horse with white markings on its face. It noticed me and stayed there, ate some of the grass where it was. I went outside and was able to approach it and stroke it gently on its nose. It had no signs that it belonged to anyone, but was tame and trusting of me as a human. Its brown eyes just watched me.  Soon I am going to try and see if this horse allows me to be close enough to get up on his back and ride with me. I’m hopeful that he keeps returning and feels as though he can trust me. I am not pushing things in any hurry.

This place has really slowed me down. Things just happen as they will, in their own natural flow. I am enjoying the little things. I want to write more in my green book as my truth unfolds. I also want to take some longer walks to see if I can find some other people around here.