Why Can’t I Fall Asleep?

That’s what I asked myself last night. It was late and I should have been asleep ages ago but I’d been awake doing my own thing, writing for this blog actually.

So as well as being annoyed that I couldn’t now just fall asleep, I wondered why I was awake until far too late MOST nights. To my own detriment when I would find it hard to get up and go the next morning and also feel tired through the day at various times. I like being a night owl and get my creative self expressing best at that time of night, but there has to be a point where I say “enough is enough” and make some reasonable boundaries for myself.

So as I was trying to fall asleep I decided I would create an energy habitat for some insight as to this bad habit.

I asked the question of myself: Show me something that will help me to understand why I can’t fall asleep right now.

Immediately I saw myself in my mind’s eye – in a powerful speed boat! Going very fast. I was the driver. I can’t say I’ve ever driven a speed boat before but it was exhilarating. Wind blowing in my face and my hair blowing behind me. Sea spray. Sea smells. I was going really fast. Not sure where we were headed and I started to feel concerned about the speed I was going as I could crash if I wasn’t careful.

So I thought “I could just slow down”. And I did. The boat slowed down, it was still moving but much slower now and the version of me in the boat seemed more relaxed. I did too.

And the aspect of me in the boat decided to slow down even more, coming to a complete stop.

This was a great feeling and a big “Duh” moment as to why I wasn’t instantly falling asleep at the drop of a hat. Pretty obvious hey? I had been going full speed up until that point and then expected to put the brakes on. Very unrealistic.

So to get myself falling asleep earlier I’ll be needing to make sure to shift myself down a gear leading up to when I want to fall asleep – or maybe switch to a row boat..? 🙂

ps. I fell asleep straight after this too.