EFT Case Story – Birth Fears

A case story using Emotional Freedom Technique to help heal fears relating to caesarean childbirth. Contact DogRoseHealing@gmail.com to organise your own session.


I had the pleasure today to use Skype to assist a client relating to childbirth and their feelings about it. The baby is in breech position and attempts to turn her with positioning exercises and acupuncture have not been successful as yet, so my client is faced with the likely possibility of a caesarean birth. This is not what she wants at all and is a source of anxiety, fear and worry. She had hoped for and planned for a birth in a birthing centre with midwives to support her, where she is more in control of the situation with freedom to birth how she wishes. A birth in a hospital bed without freedom of movement and choice is a source of stress for her.

I began by teaching my client the method of EFT (Energy EFT to be specific). I asked my client to choose a word to tap for that helped her to de-stress and relax. She chose “Love” and we tapped for that together.

From here I asked her to think about what a caesarean birth might be like for her and what her impressions are at this stage. She gets a mental image of being behind a curtain, not seeing anything of what’s going on and a feeling of being scared. She can feel this scared feeling in her stomach. It reminds her of the churning of a washing machine.

So we did a round of EFT together for “That churning in my stomach”.

After this she noted that the churning had lessened. It was more of a gentle rocking now. And the feeling was less of a fear or scared feeling, it was more of an uncertainty.

We did a round of EFT together for “That rocking feeling”.

After this round she noticed that the rocking has gone and the feeling has evolved. She recognised that it was now a tension. This tension was felt in her arms, chest, heart chakra and top of her stomach. The feeling reminds her of appointments where her midwife is pressing her stomach to see where baby is positioned. She is feeling uncomfortable. She is sensitive around her stomach area in general and doesn’t like this area to be touched at the best of times. She said it felt like an invasion of privacy and like an invasion of personal space.

We decided to tap for “Tension in my personal space”.

She said she felt good after this. When thinking about a potential caesarean birth she feels more relaxed now. It is less about any ‘blood and guts’ behind the curtain and now she is noticing that her husband is there beside her. She said there is a bit of tension still, but much more love. She felt a rigidity, more in the arms now than anywhere else. It seemed to originate in her clenched fists and travel all the way up to her shoulders. She recognises that she is feeling that she is not in control, yet is in a situation where she can’t express that. She felt that she was holding onto that in her hands, feeling as though she has no say. She also worried about expressing herself as if she did so her opinions or desires may not be possible and she may not get what she wants anyway.

We decided to summarise all of this and return back to the physical feeling of tension that originates from her hands, and tap for “This feeling in my hands” with some variations along the way that came to me intuitively, such as “This feeling in my hands.. that I’m ready to let go of”, “…that I won’t miss when it’s gone”, and “…that I no longer need”.

After this round my client says she feels good. Her arms feel floppy and relaxed and so do mine. (I heart borrowed benefits!) She says she is feeling calm about the birth and ready to meet her baby.

I feel this is a great statement to tap for and we tap for “I’m ready to meet my baby, in whichever way she comes.”

This was a beautiful round of tapping. We both got goosebumps, felt warmth of energy, feelings of love, a glow, lightness of being. It was a real high for both of us. At the under mouth point I felt an emotional release and a sense of letting go. My client felt a sense of readiness and related it to there being a light now, which had previously been overshadowed by other things. There are less shadows now.

When she thinks about the birth in general she feels much more peaceful and more more focused on the end result which is having her precious baby in her arms, more than on the way in which she arrives into the world.