The Golden Girl

This was also part of an assignment but was done as part of a self-healing also. Things felt “messy” and I needed guidance for myself. I got more than I bargained for!

If my problem was a place in time and space, it would be a desert. Hot, windy, nothing to see for miles but wind blowing sand in the aspect’s face anyway so she couldn’t see anything if she wanted to. Sun burning down on her skin. She is completely lost in the desert. I tapped for “Lost”.

After this round the wind has died down completely and in the distance she can see a shape of a stone building. She heads towards it, happy that she is on the right path. Tapped for “On the right path”.

She gets to the front of the building and the door is sealed shut. For some reason she knows that it will be open soon, that there’s nothing she can do but wait as the feeling is “I guess I just have to wait”. I tap for this.

The door slides open and her face is hit with the bright shining light of gold reflecting on her. To me it seemed like a movie scene. Cue the choir, the excited expression the aspect saying “Wow!” and then show the jewellery and goblets and chests all made of gold and red rubies. I am drawn to tap for “The gift is inside!”. It feels like I am setting this up consciously rather than energy doing the talking, but I go with it anyway. I feel a buzz after this and am very excited and explain the concept and the exercise to my husband. The gift really is inside! I get it!

Back to the habitat, the aspect packs a canvas backpack full of what she can carry of gold or rubies. Somehow via this building she is then returned to civilisation, as I see her on the street in a town. I am led to believe it is London for some reason even though I’ve never been there. She is showing people on the street the jewellery. Some are interested and some are not. Some people think the jewellery is fake, which she is hurt by. Tapping for “Some are not interested” and “Some think it’s fake”.

She isn’t sure what to do. She is just watching people go by on the street and they all seem very grey and drab and so does the scenery. She sees stone foot paths. She thinks the jewellery would brighten everyone’s day. Brighten a person, brighten the street, brighten the town, brighten the world. She thinks it would help them but they’re either not stopping or if they are, most people are saying no or dismissing the value. There are some people taking necklaces (the aspect isn’t telling me if she charges people or if she is just giving the necklaces away, she says it doesn’t matter) but they are few and far between and everything still looks grey. Tapping for “Thinks it would help them”.

She feels very sad at this point and sits. She has the canvas bag beside her which is full of jewellery.

One by one she applies necklaces, earrings, and bracelets and crowns to herself and also experiments with the chains and crafts anklets, belts, shoe decorations, hair decorations. She is holding a ruby studded goblet in one hand and the other hand is free. The weight is a little heavy but she doesn’t feel it. She dances in this drab town. Twists and turns and dances and jingles. She is radiating with gold light, shining, sparkling. She is drawing bemused glances at first and then curious attention. Before long she has a crowd around her and they are all entranced by her dancing, her joy, her colour, and her jewellery. Many of them begin dancing and laughing too. [I’ve no idea what to tap for her, I am already feeling an energetic shift like my heart could burst with excitement. I’ll tap for “Radiating with gold light” anyway.]

The gold light coming from her radiates outward and before long the crowd too are radiating with the same gold light. Her joy is contagious and they have caught it. They are no longer grey, they are sparkling too.

The sky opens and it begins to rain down on all of them. One by one the crowd disperses and head home. Many take with them an item of gold that the aspect is offering. The aspect watches them leave with a spring in their step instead of their former shuffle. Alone in the rain she looks up, arms out, and smiles (she might have even “yippeeeee”d). She is no longer lost, she is 100% feeling fine!